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In 2015 we chose to supportthe Foundation of SOTE's Children' Hospital in Tűzoltó Street.
The donation will be spent on improving the children's treatment and the environment it is being done. (we still talk about exactly how)

The mission of the Foundation is to provide the best possible quality of service for the treated children.

The Institute has been treating children for 120 years and has the best personnel in the field. Many of the inhabitants of Budapest have first-hand experience with the place and the doctors with warm memories. So did Károly Rékasi and his wife Enikő, when they brought the attention of the Santa Speedo Run's Committe (namely me :)) to the foundation, and I could not resist selecting them.
A little child has smaller and bigger troubles before he/she learns all the skills needed to grow up. The personnel of the clinics works day and night for making those compulsory breaks a lot bearable. Accordingly, the hospital has the widest set of fields of services possible.
I planned first that I will list the areas of hospital services so that you can see. Then I read the web page and decided agains it...

Please, see it for yourselves what I meant: SOTE Hospital

What's more, I found a picture that describes it better:
SOTE Gyermekkardiológia

1. Let's join us with the running and beat the 100 count together!
2. Do not forget to send your 1% tax to the foundation in March!
3. Should you have any idea that helps, send me an e-mail!

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