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Why is it that we do not catch cold?

Without exception, people ask that....well in fact not even that, the very first question concerns our sanity :)!
But then the second one is "how come we do not catch cold?".
There is a simple and reasonable answer. When you are fully clad and go out to the cold, there is but a very little surface of your body interacting with the cold air. Therefore, the relative thermal difference is going to be very high. Our nose freezes, our fingers develop a bluish colour, etc.
An average runner has 10% coverage in Santa Run. Result is that our body will be well notified that is it bloody cold out there :-)! Your skin and blood stream reacts more intensively than as if you were all dressed.
Added to all this is the physical exercise that raises the heart rate and the turnover of our warm blood.ével, a vérkeringés javulásával megintcsak melegítő hatású.


An average runner spends about 10-15 minutes in the tent with getting dressed, then 10 minutes with warming up on the ice, runs for about 30 minutes, sings, does training exercises, distributes candies and spends about 15 minutes celebrating his performance on the ice again
We have 0% casualties so far (at least who dared to report it to me :))!!!
I usually get into my speedo about an hour before the run, and get dressed back about 90 minutes after. As you can see, the human body endures a lot more than the owner can think, you only have to let it do its job!
We go out to the cold to run in -2 - +6 degrees and just do our job! We show them that those who can, simply must!

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