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Runner list - 2023 (max. 150 pers)  (If you cannot be seen, use the pager!)
Num.NameBirth y.Run#
1Méhes Krisztián197620
2Ádám Krisztina19846
3Máté László19803
4Molnár Attila197715
6Papp Csaba 19755
7Béres Gabi19933
8Kiss Viktória198619
9Dr. Miczán Klára19769
10Tóth Virág 20149
11Tóth Peter19759
12Niegreisz Viktor197813
13Niegreisz Nara20212
14Erdélyi Balázs 19815
15Szidarovszky Ferenc19714
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Birth year
How many times will you have run this year?
My runs:

In case of error send an email: to me...
Support fee for the Run:
- Adults: 5.000 Ft/pers.
- Children (-14): 3.000 Ft/pers.
- Family: 8.000 Ft

The amount of the registration fees will be donated to the supported Association, if your friend would not run but donate, please visit the reg desk!
Thank you!

We have a permit for 150ish people!
Registered runners enjoy preference!

Privacy info: personal data registered would be kept in a database for police controls for the time as required by authorities. We may send you e-mails about past or future Santa Run events and your data would not be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties. You have the right to cancel this registration by sending a request in reply.


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