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20th Santa Speedo Run

Little Ray of Hope Foundation


This is the 20th year that those dozens of naked santas hit the streets of Budapest to support the foundation and the children selected for this year's event.
We could be telling you stories about why it is so great, why you will not catch cold, and how proud you are going to be if you join us....but there is no sentence to describe the feeling that you can experience with us!!!

Join us for dress change and warm-up on 10th Dec. 2023. at 12:30PM in Go Active fitness center at Gozsdu Passage, in Király str!!

The Run starts at 2PM, lasts about 45 minutes, cca. 3.5kms. Make sure to bring little clothing! :)
We return to Go Active for a change and we go to get warmed up later to the Széchenyi Bath, thanks to a 50% discount from BHGY Zrt.!


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