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In 2019 we chose to support the Foundation for a Better Childhood.

The mission of the Foundation is to help families both continuously and around holidays. There are 15-20 families that receive donations (food, medicine, clothes etc.) throughout the year and at Christmas or Easter it goes up to 40-60. The donations will be spent on helping families in need in many different ways.

Our goals for this year, depending on the registration donations:
-glasses for 10 year old boy so that he can see and study (48000 Ft)
-supporting an education trip of a high-school girl (she won the trip as a prize but the parents need to pay the airfare) (40.000 Ft)
-medicines (weekly 4000-6000 Ft in the Winter season)
-buying toys and games for handicapped children (5000-………Ft)

What's more, I found a picture that describes it better:
SOTE Gyermekkardiológia

1. Let's join us with the running and beat the 100 count together!
2. Do not forget to send your 1% tax to the foundation in March!
3. Should you have any idea that helps, send me an e-mail!

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